So Much Drama at the USBC

I’m told via text message that our new US Barista Champion is Heather Perry from Coffee Klatch.

I had to leave yesterday, but my pictures thus far are here.

Highlights include:

-Meeting Gabriel Carvahlo Dias (producer of our Screen Dried Yellow Bourbon from Fazenda Cachoeira)

-Jay Caragay’s Quarter Finals Performance

-Jay’s Coffee and Cigarette specialty drink that he served at the BGA booth

-Kyle Larson’s Quarter Finals Performance where he had time to pour a shot for the El Injerto Farmers

-The Latte Art Smackdown at the Intelly Party

-Meeting a bunch of my Barista heros

-The shot Chris Baca pulled for me backstage on Sunday

-my 3 new tampers

That is all.



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5 responses to “So Much Drama at the USBC

  1. That is all? Sounds like you had a helluva great time!

  2. I also got to meet Gabriel Carvahlo Dias, who is like my hero of the coffee world, twas very very cool

  3. 1. Did you man up at the smackdown?
    2. 3 new tampers…?!
    3. What was Chris pulling?
    4. Larson literally pulled shots for the farmers during his 15 min set? I dont believe.

  4. Wish I’d been there at the smakdown looked great fun

  5. Sorry to post something as a non sequitur, but I’m trying to garner a bit of attention for a short film on Youtube: “Coffee”

    Please give it a look, if you have five minutes.

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