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Coming soon to a New York near you

So it’s official, after talking about it for a few month’s, next week I’m on my way out to New York City for a little espresso pow-wow with our friends at Cafe Grumpy.

While there, I’m hoping to do some cupping and to get a little time behind the bar, hopefully at both locations. It will be my first time of any significance around a Synesso or a Clover.

It will also be my first time in the City, which is a little daunting, though I’m sure that between visiting all the coffee stops and getting lost on the subway en route, I’ll not doubt be very busy.

I’ll try to keep y’all updated on Flickr when the itinerary get solidified. And if anyone is interested in an impromptu cafe crawl, I would appreciate a guide. Looking forward to meeting everybody!


This week was also a big one for us her at the E.C. as we were able to score bags from three different lots from the 2006 Brazilian CoE, two of which are (nominally) organic! We’re hoping to see these amazing coffees by March. Stay tuned.


Oh, and speaking of far away places, everyone should eventually go to Macedonia. The food is great, the scenery is beautiful, the people are hairy.

Also, it is the home of some really good friends, who after months of talking about it, finally were able to make a little dream of mine come true.

Thanks guys.



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