Barnett’s Photo dump

Between trips to Ethiopia and Brazil, Ecco Caffè’s roastmaster Andrew Barnett dropped into my lap the posting of some the 700+ photos he took while roaming around East Africa and the Lower West Side.




Since I don’t really know the story behind many of these photos, I invite all of you to MadLib his flickr account. Perhaps that will inspire him to dictate his adventure when he returns from the Brazil CoE, where I’m sure he’ll take another couple hundred photos. If you’re feeling generous can sponser him a pro account, but as I am behind in the posting of my own photos, I’d be ok if you didn’t.



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One response to “Barnett’s Photo dump

  1. Craig Kerrick

    Hi Steve,

    I’m sending one of my little baristas down your way to check you out….Tim doesn’t have as many tatoos but he does stand around with his arms crossed in a managerial way. Call me and I’ll hook you guys up.


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