First year of First Cup

July 2, 2006 marked a full rotation of the Earth around the Sun since I started taking pictures of my daily coffee ritual. When I began this project, I didn’t know how long it would last, or the intended purpose. I guess even now I don’t know those things. Anyway it’s been fun and interesting. Occasionally stressful.

First Cup July 26, 2005

First Cup July 26, 2005


I’m very happy with the fact that I never missed a day despite all sorts of obstacles, from dead batteries to broken bones, to just plain forgetfulness. I’ve made a lot of acquaintances and a few friends along the way. I’ve had the opportunity to try coffees from around the world. They haven’t always been good, but I think I have a better understanding with my palate, if only for having an assistant to my memory.


First Cup September 24, 2005

First Cup September 24, 2005


It’s been surprisingly difficult to keep a monotonous subject interesting. That is of course assuming that anyone else would find pictures of coffee interesting. Little props that indicate location or season have helped. When I was losing inspiration, there were always flowers that looked especially brilliant next to my little ceramic cups. Where would the amateur photographer be without flowers?

First Cup November 17, 2005

First Cup November 17, 2005


My limited photography experience has been expanded. I’ve learned a lot about macro photography and how to keep your lens out of your latte. I’ve successfully mastered the skill of manually adjusting shutter speeds in low light settings (which cafes are notorious for). Oh and I learned that pictures generally look better if they don’t include a lens cap or shoulder strap in the frame.

First Cup December 30, 2005

First Cup December 30, 2005

Though I’m religious about keeping up with the photos, I’ve been terrible at keeping up with the posting. My various blogs along the way have also suffered due to my photo updating logjams. At this writing I’m almost a week behind into my second set. Old habits, see?

First Cup June 30, 2006

First Cup June 30, 2006


Thank you friends for keeping up on my daily dosing of coffee. I’ll be doing more of the same until I lose my taste for it, or when I run out of flowers to use as props.

Big ups to Flickr for creating such a spectacular set of tools for photo sharing and cataloging.

First Cup July 2, 2006

First Cup July 2, 2006



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7 responses to “First year of First Cup

  1. Congrats, Steve! Awesome series.

  2. Fantastic Idea! I’d like to post about your first cup of coffee adventure, can you shoot me an email or let me know when I can shoot you a few questions? Thanks!

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  4. CJ

    Steve, I know you’re good…but apparently you’re so good that you can see coffee that you have yet to enjoy. Apparitions of coffee from the future!
    (The photo at the top of “First Year of First Cup” has a date of First Cup July 26, 2005 – a day which of course has not happened yet)
    All the best….

  5. Great Project!
    People like you make me realize that i am nobody in the world of coffee lovers. I like my coffee, but my passion does not get anywhere near yours.


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  7. Your are a crazy man with a crazy passion. I look foward to checking out your first cups to come because you won’t be able to stop! I will forever smell my portafilter in hopes of finding that certain something you are searching for!

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