Sad news today with the loss of a furry friend very dear to the hearts of Doobie and her family. Little Geisha, who has been a source of great happiness in the Emerson household, with her petite meow and coy wag of just the tip of her tail, left us sometime early this morning.

It was just a few short years ago that Doobie and her mom first saw her, small and thin and up for adoption. It was hard to believe that a cat that looked no bigger than a kitten, had already given birth to a litter. When we picked her up from her foster home, she was so much smaller than all the other cats. Quiet and sleek and low to the ground. At some point in her first days at the Emerson home, we thought she had got out. We searched the neighborhood and felt terrible that this little creature had somehow escaped. And then, silently, she immerged from a closet, fresh from a long nap. That was her way. She had a knack for getting herself into impossible places. Whether high up above the front door sleeping on a perch of inches, or jumping to the safety to the top of the bookshelf, Geisha's grace and agility set her apart.

She also loved her people. She could curl up anywhere, folding herself into a tight little ball of hair on the footstool or on her cushion on the couch. She could nestle on your lap or sleep on your chest, he little body always warm and never imposing. She would greet Doobie when she ran by the house with a stretch and a yawn and a soft purr. She was a companion and dear pet. This beautiful little cat will be greatly missed.



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4 responses to “Geisha

  1. CJ

    Goodbye Geish….you were a real sweetie, and beautiful.

    In life you always loved the highest possible perch, which means we know you’re happy as can be, now.

  2. Oh no, what happened?
    Poor Doobie, give her big love from me.

  3. pat & Mack

    We send our sympathies to Doobie and the Emersons. At least you have these pictures to remind you how special she was.

  4. DE

    Thanks to all who have commented on this beloved and bewitching creature. She was our nighttime companion and my daytime pal. DE

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