Fall in

As you may or may not have heard, the long awaited "Stick to Coffee" t-shirts have finally been printed and delivered. I'll be assuming responsibilities for all future shirt sales, so if you're interested in getting one (or several), contact me: dogmilque [at] gmail.com

We have all sizes including childrens. At this point we're not planning on doing a further run, so what's left is what's left.

Other fall-related good news is that I got my walking cast off. So in less than two months from the fall, I'm up and walking on my own two feet with very little assistance.  I attribute my fast recovery to all this wonderful coffee I keep drinking. 

To celebrate my recovery, I went to my first Barista Jam as hosted by Barefoot Coffee Roasters in the Southbay. There were a number of different machines on hand for baristas to "jam" on, which was intersting and frustrating. It being my first, and not being a Barista Guild member, I obviously have every right to critique the event.

Getting some face time with people that I've only known through their various online personas was by far the highlight of the event. I was a little discouraged that there wasn't more activities aimed at improving the barista. I'm in the room with some of the most talented baristas I know, but the whole ordeal seemed heavy on activities and discussions for the amateur.

For those of us who have chosen coffee as career, I would like to have had more of an organized opportunity to pick the brains of my peers, to understand more about where our craft is on the ground.

Either that or break up the large group into smaller cells that could move from station to station

rather than this shuffling mass. Then parhaps you could position a teacher/barista at each station to lead a "course" that will be dictated by the skill level of the group

I guess if I'm willing to talk smack, I should step up to the plate myself and help with these events. I think I'd rather put my efforts into organizing the bay area barista olympics. At least then I'd get some better photos.



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5 responses to “Fall in

  1. Hey Steve! Saw your picture with Andrew Barnett in the lastest Barista Magazine issue. It was a nice shot. Hope your recovering well.

  2. heather

    Hey Steve — got any L or XL of the girlie tshirts?

  3. MikeFTrevino

    Hey Steve,

    You may not remember me, but I was there at the Jam and have to agree with you on the dumbing down of that event. Although, there were alot of Noobs there (The older couple with their daughter in tow, started to get on my nerves, and had no clue about coffee. yet they were going to open a shop.)and the schedual may have been too advanced for them.
    On the other hand some of the bigger names needed to lead by example, shut up and pay more attention to the task at hand and that is learn or at least ask good questions so that others may learn. There was too much attitude flying about, too many people acting like they already knew it all. I too would have like to have picked as many brains as possible during that event, but it was a tad overwhelming. I admit I had alot of fun, met great baristas and people left and right, and tasted some great coffee, but I felt it could done with less to make it more. If that makes sense.

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  5. What coffee I do latte the art of coffee? What machine for latte the art the the best?
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