Cast off

First Cup May 6, 2006

With some trepidation, Doobie and I took a trip over to Walnut Creek to go see the doctor for the first time since the accident. We struggled a little bit finding the place, listening all the while to a report on how people feel dread. Hmm.

We arrived at the office, filled out some forms, (which I swear they give you just so you won't pester the nurses) and were quickly ushered into a room. Thinking we would be left in limbo, the doctor surprised us by his prompt entrance. He's a nice guy, quick and too the point. After a couple of exercises, he ordered a new round of x-rays for both my ankle and back.

I got switched into some fetching blue shorts and hobbled off to the x-ray room. Minutes later I was back in the little room and the doctor came in with the images. Looking at them, he said that ankle looked good and that I could move from a cast into a walking boot. My back is also healing nicely, but needs another month or so, which is fantastic.

The cut off the cast, which felt like my ankle was hatching from an egg (yeech…) and in no time I transitioned into the removable boot. Doc says I will have to use crutches but should be able to walk by the next visit.

My one calf muscle is dimished, and the foot is bruised and swollen, but man this is so exciting. I can go outside now and sit in the sun and the doctor said I can even drive. Oh, and shower.
All this and it hasn't even been a month. Here's to healing.



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6 responses to “Cast off

  1. Gratz on the progress. Day by day!

  2. boychic

    look at your little ankle all shrunken and cute. heres to freedom.

  3. jlee

    Halle-frickin-looya! Caffeine actually speeds healing it seems.

  4. jeeno

    Yay! Caffeine heals 🙂

    Came across via Tonx btw.

  5. Surviving a fall like that and now healing this quick, Wow! Man, your built like rock. Have a speedy recovery.

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