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Several Little Things

See what happens when you start healing up real good and don't have to live on your bed? You get a life away from your computer! And here's what's been happening…


Andrew is still off in Europe. He travelled to Berne to participate as a judge in the World Barista Championships. All reports home have been positive, and thanks to Mark Prince of CoffeeGeek, we've been able to keep visual tabs on our fearless leader as his travels through Italy on the final leg of the trip. Unfortunately, Italy seems to have changed his attitude towards coffee.

Meanwhile, I've been getting back up the roastery to jealously watch Fabricio keep up production. I've relented to my diminished capacites and have focused instead on the beta launch of our new web-store. We're still working out the bugs but our first week of being open seems to have gone off without a hitch.

Though the dogmilque readership is probably parenthetical to that of the illustrious, I would like to direct all of you to the journal of Tony's recent visit to the coffee producing regions in Southern Mexico.

This was his first trip to origin.

Though I've read several similar accounts over the years, I think that Tony's report will particularly appeal to those within our community that want to learn more about the processes behind production through the words of an eloquent enthusiast.

The writing is thoughtful, and tastefully broken up into four parts for easy digestion.

Tony's Adventure in Mexico, Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4 and photos.

Don't worry, you'll be able to read through it all in about the same time it takes those guys to introduce a podcast.


Ritual Coffee Roasters celebrated their first year as the hottest wi-fi spot in the Mission by clearing out the laptops for an invite-only Prom! And what a time it was with some of out favorite baristas all decked out amid the tuxedos, taffeta and tattoos of their favorite customers. Also in attendance were representatives from all three of my California coffee jobs.

I tried to take pictures as I had the year before, but my hobbled state kept me to a chair almost all night. No big deal as this offered my plenty of opportunity to chat with my coffee buds and take pictures of people getting their picture taken.

(For more on that, check out the photoset on Flickr.)

The kids were so sweet, they even donated the proceeds of their bar to my recovery efforts.

Which with this crowd, is no small deal.

Thanks guys, I never really meant all the short jokes. Well, maybe a little bit.


Also celebrating a birthday is our dear blogging buddy Dr. Biggles (and Family) over at Meathenge.

For three years the good doctor has been documenting his fascination with our more carnivorous natures.The meat, and photography setup leaves us drooling.

Thanks Guy!

And yes, that really is a Meathenge.


Our good buddy Gabe, Ritual barista and all around bad-ass, recently got married to his long time sweetie Mae, in a private ceremony.

He has subsequently revealed that he will be moving on to Portland by the end of the summer.

We're sorry to see him leave but Good luck and congrats on the wedding!

That's all for now.


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Cast off

First Cup May 6, 2006

With some trepidation, Doobie and I took a trip over to Walnut Creek to go see the doctor for the first time since the accident. We struggled a little bit finding the place, listening all the while to a report on how people feel dread. Hmm.

We arrived at the office, filled out some forms, (which I swear they give you just so you won't pester the nurses) and were quickly ushered into a room. Thinking we would be left in limbo, the doctor surprised us by his prompt entrance. He's a nice guy, quick and too the point. After a couple of exercises, he ordered a new round of x-rays for both my ankle and back.

I got switched into some fetching blue shorts and hobbled off to the x-ray room. Minutes later I was back in the little room and the doctor came in with the images. Looking at them, he said that ankle looked good and that I could move from a cast into a walking boot. My back is also healing nicely, but needs another month or so, which is fantastic.

The cut off the cast, which felt like my ankle was hatching from an egg (yeech…) and in no time I transitioned into the removable boot. Doc says I will have to use crutches but should be able to walk by the next visit.

My one calf muscle is dimished, and the foot is bruised and swollen, but man this is so exciting. I can go outside now and sit in the sun and the doctor said I can even drive. Oh, and shower.
All this and it hasn't even been a month. Here's to healing.


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Cause I can't not let you see.

Over the past year, I have tried to document my coffee habit through the medium of digital photography. Some would call my efforts obsessive, but really this project, which I call First Cup, has become a meditation on the consumption of coffee, both in act and description.I hit a milestone this last week, 300 consecutive days of photographing and cataloging my first cup of coffee. I have nearly missed at a couple of points along the way, and the subjects haven’t always been interesting, but the process has become ritualistic. Part food blog, part photojournal. I enjoy plotting the placement of the cups, in space and in frame, trying to catch the light in contrast to the surroundings.

It’s geeky, I know, but at least I’m not taking pictures of the cat everyday. (no offense!)

P.S. The above photo is actually not part of the series. It was intended, but somehow the beans seemed a little forced. Enjoy.


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