Stick to Coffee

Was it really an event if you didn't get a t-shirt?

Asking themselves that question some dear friends hatched a plan to design a t-shirt to commemorate my failed, and expensive, attempt to fly. It was not until I returned home from the hospital that I actually got to see the design, which is truly awesome.

The Front:

The Back:

The design was put together by my friend through friends and sometimes Blue Bottle customer Valerie, took it upon herself to set up a page where you can get one with a donation. There are plenty of sizes, and even an option to get just "Stick to Coffee." If you're interested, I recommend checking it out soon, as they are trying to get a run completed. Don't delay!

And speaking of donations, friends from the coffee part of my life have put together a Save Steve Ford Paypal donation account on the CoffeeGeek website. How's that for love?



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7 responses to “Stick to Coffee

  1. Billy Wilson

    Hi Steve,

    I just bought one of those tee’s and I forgot to include my size (men’s medium). I don’t know how to get ahold of the person making the tee’s so I figured you’d be a good person to talk to.

    Uhh, by the way… get well. If Andrew says you’re a good guy, then you’re alright in my book.


  2. Ditto on that – 2 t-shirts ordered, another fiddy well spent!

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  4. I am buying my shirt (wish the Stick to Coffee was on the front but a CLASSIC tshirt nonetheless get well soon)

  5. Alysha

    I purchased a shirt from my Sister Corissa. She said that you are doing good, so I just wanted to let you know that everyone is amazed by the Story that goes with the shirt. It was a big hit in Cabo San Lucas and many days that we all should have Stuck to Coffee.

  6. Sherry

    Would like to get a t-shirt, please contact me with purchase information. Thanks (Daughter fell out her window)

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