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How much is a Brazilian?

The last month or so has seen a lot of hot and heavy Brazilian activity around Ecco Caffè. Big on the plus side is the addition of team member Fabricio Almeida, son of esteemed organic coffee producer Paulo, who is responsible for the brilliant Santa Terezinha.

Fabrico cups

Fabricio cups samples for the 2005 Colombian Cup of Excellence.

As you may remember, the Terezinha took first place in 2001 in the Brazilian COE competition that year. We've been fortunate enough to have this coffee in our stable for a couple of months, and are contemplating holdingFabricio hostage to lock in next years crop. In the meantime, Fabricio is learning about all aspects of the specialty coffee industry, including how to say pulped without it sounding like poop-ed.

Aside from their native son, we've been enjoying the coffees.

First Cup March 21, 2006

The Fazenda São Beneditio captured the #2 ranking in last years' Brazil COE competition, getting a score of 92.65 from the jury. We scored two bags of this fabulous coffee from that auction, and they finally arrived in the past weeks. Some of our initial roast went out to friends. Feedback  has been good. We'll have this coffee available through the website, which will hopefully be up and running soon.

There is also 2005 crop from Daterra Coffee which when we cupped it smelled and tasted like almond butter. Crazy good.

First Cup March 24, 2006

Even as an espresso, that almond flavor is dominant.

This week also witnessed the arrival of a truly unique coffee.


From the farm of Gabriel Carvalho Dias, comes this very special screen-dried coffee. Word is this coffee usually gets shipped off to other countries. But after cupping it and pulling some shots, we made the necessary calls to bring some of the sweet stuff here. As an espresso, this coffee was one of the best I've ever had. A complete package from one bean. Dynamic and flavorful and sweet.


And finally, on a sad note, I had to say goodbye to my delicious friend, the 2004 Pantano Peaberry. Our relationship was a little rocky in the beginning. We didn't understand each other and had a lot of little things to work out. But when things finally came together, it was magical. Sweet, sweet Pantano, how I will miss you.

First Cup March 20, 2006

Until next time, os agradecimentos e aprecíam o café.



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Belly slapping

So I had a birthday. The party was fantastic. Doobie made enchiladas and a coconut cake and I had a bunch of friends over and we drank a lot and then slapped bellies.

It's not my fault.

I took a lot of pictures, but this one comes from Nadja. You'll see the whole embarassing ordeal here.

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New Digs

Hello team.

With my new job beginning at Ecco Caffè, it's time for a new blog. One that I hope I will be able to keep up with on a regular basis. My departure from Blue Bottle has many (or rather, a handful) of people were wondering what will happen to the Blue Bottle Clown College blog. The answer is, I don't know. After a final post, which I hope to work on after this, I will be handing the whole operation over to my buddy Katie. It will then be Katie's responsibility to keep y'all appraised of what is happening over there. Will she keep up the pseudonyms? I have no idea. As you can see, I'm still in love with them. It's something to look forward to.

In the meantime, you'll be able to find me here, and more frequently at my flickr site. Thanks for your continued readership and encouragement.


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